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New Americans Community Services Mission


  • The mission of New American Community Services (NACS) is to strengthen the capacity of refugee and immigrant communities in the Twin Cities so that they may share and contribute to the educational, economic, and social well-being of U.S. American culture.
  • NACS provides supportive services, working as a bridge between refugees and necessary U.S. resources. Our goal is to ensure that refugees and immigrants haves access to needed services and relevant programs designed to assist them in achieving steady resettlement and long-term individual, family, and community-self-sufficiency.


  • To foster understanding between immigrants, refugees, and asylees and their resident communities to achieve seamless settlement in the US.
  • To educate communities in Minnesota about African cultures through festivals, program exchanges with other cultural groups in Minnesota.


Making a positive impact on the life of refugees, immigrants and the communities that we work with.

Strategic Objectives

  1. We will create systems, structures and models that support diversity, and in which all refugees and immigrants feel empowered to realize their full potential.
  2. We will generate commitment and ownership of the organization through opportunities for genuine involvement by all participants.
  3. We will form partnerships with organizations with similar goals and interests to leverage resources, talent and opportunities.
  4. We will work collaboratively with cities, counties, state, and federal agencies to make a positive difference in the quality of life of refugees, immigrants and low income Minnesotans.
  5. We will provide opportunities for communities that utilize our services to learn, grow, and contribute through the use of proactive skill building and training programs.
  6. We will ensure that our policies, programs and practices are flexible, integrated and value-added.
  7. We will strengthen the financial base of NACS to enable it achieve it goals and objectives.

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